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About the Library

We believe that…

  • Lifelong learning is the ultimate goal for students in our society, and the school library program is vital to creating independent, informed, responsible learners.
  • All children have the right to equitable access to literature, information, and information technologies.
  • The diverse needs and learning styles of students require differentiation in learning resources and instruction.
  • The teacher librarian is an instructional leader in the school with expertise in resources, technology, and literature.
  • The teacher librarian works in collaboration with teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents to provide learning experiences that promote student achievement.
  • The library program promotes critical thinking, engagement with information in all its forms, and the responsible use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.
  • The library program fosters and supports the development of literacy and reading for information and enjoyment.
  • The library curriculum promotes inquiry learning through information literacy instruction that enhances and reinforces classroom content and instruction.
  • The library program cultivates connections with the larger learning community by providing students access to learning resources and activities beyond classroom and school walls.
  • A rich and abundant collection of resources, in many formats, is essential meet the teaching and learning needs of the school curriculum and to reflect diversity and principles of intellectual freedom.


More information can be found on our Iowa City Schools District Library site

ICCSD Policies

“The ICCSD Library Program empowers students to be curious, passionate, respectful learners who explore, connect, evaluate, and create.”
ICCSD School Board Policies: 605.1 – 605.3E4   
Elizabeth Schau

Elizabeth Schau

Teacher Librarian


Hannah Sprague

Hannah Sprague

Library Secretary